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Solutions Offered Through Sound Medical

MDeverywhere is a medical billing service company that offers the industry’s leading revenue cycle management solution for physicians.

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 Bodhi Tree Group is a one-of-a-kind anesthesia management company that offers a superior alternative to your current provider.

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Indoff provides space planning, design, furnishings, installation and project management for healthcare clients.

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Smartt Collect’s (SCI) services combine medical collection representatives and technology to streamline practice’s collections.

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Office Depot provides program pricing on printing/copying, popular ink, copy paper, toner, cleaning products, technology, and breakroom products through its program with Sound Medical.

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MWA offers MailBack Kits for Biohazard Waste Disposal. They provide biohazard waste disposal that is convenient and cost effective.

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SERVICE.  Our company was founded upon the ideal of providing the absolute best customer experience. Period.  We value our customers beyond anything else, and will work the hardest to ensure you are priority number one. 

INCREASED REVENUES.  Sound Medical was co-founded by a physician who wanted to see more value through the Supply Chain.  Sound Medical answers this call by working with our customers to provide solutions and services which help our customers grow their top line revenue.  In today’s world of declining reimbursements, growing revenues is the most effective way to combat this pressure.

COST SAVINGS.  Due to our low overhead, our large and efficient distribution channels, and our vast experience in sourcing the best name-brand products at the lowest price, we can provide significant savings over your current vendor. Please contact us for more details on our savings programs. 

PEOPLE.  Sound Medical is built upon a team of experienced people.  Our executives boast over 100 combined years of medical and business experience.  More importantly, Sound Medical is based on a culture that values our people (our customers and employees).

TECHNOLOGY.  Sound Medical offers an online portal for ordering and inventory management.  This cutting edge technology comes without charge, simply by being a customer.  Through the Sound Medical Portal ® customers can search our inventory of 100,000’s of items instantly.  Many other features make this one of the most efficient supply chain tools available.

HIGHEST QUALITY BRANDS.  We carry over 100,000 of the most popular medical products on the market.  Alere®, Becton Dickinson®, Beckman Coulter®, Roche®, Siemens®, Welch Allyn®, Thermo-Fisher®, EKI®, C.L. Sturkey®, Heathrow Scientific®, C & A Scientific®, Kimberly Clark®, Globe Scientific®, Bel-Art®, Mopec®, EM Sciences-Harleco®, American Bio-Safety®, Becton-Dickinson®, Havel®, Hacker®, Cancer Diagnostics®, Lab Storage & Safety®, TBS®, Simport®, Stockwell®, Creative Waste Solutions®, Air Filtronix®, Boekel Scientific®, Sigma-Aldrich®, American Master Tech®, BBC Biochemical and Shamrock®.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.  If you are not 100% satisfied with any of the products you receive, simply contact our customer service department and we will immediately provide a full refund.